Saturday, October 22, 2016

Switching From Smoking to Vaping The Benefits Of Vaping

I walked into a funky shop to buy some Marlboro Menthols. I was out. But, the vape store didn't sell cigarettes, and the guy in the shop totally sold me on an EVOD vape machine, even though I had NO INTENTION of quitting smoking. But, after 35 years of smoking I thought what the heck--Ill give it a try. I bought the setup, tried it, coughed and laughed and spilled strawberry coconut juice all over the place, but within a few hours I was vaping like a pro. Now It has been almost a week since I had a cigarette or even craved one. I have zero desire to go buy more cigarettes. I smell like strawberry desert instead of stinky cigs. THANK YOU funky vape shop!

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